Stansted airport is the go-to choice for the most if travelling to and from Europe because it offers the most number of scheduled flights to Europe than any other airport in the UK. Stansted airport has made a name for providing budget flights to rather extortionate regions of Europe. Though the airport also provides a runway to private companies like Titan Airways, XJet terminals, Harrods Aviation for charter flights, state visits, and private flights. The airport has a single terminal but the airfield encompasses 3 satellite buildings and one APV building.

There are a variety of airport parking options you can avail, depending upon your budget, convenience, and comfort. The Stansted airport offers parking services for passengers. But these are available on first come first serve basis hence; you would need to be vigilant to avail them. Another option is of hiring private parking agencies. These offer various deals to suit different people's budget.

Cheap Parking Deal shows you a comparison of parking deals for your car at the airport offered by various sites so just visit our site before a few days from your flight to avail any option that best suits your budget.


Stansted Airport lies 2 miles northeast of Central London and 0.9 miles from the Hertfordshire border, in the Uttlesford district in Essex. The airport can be accessed via roads, rails, and bus. These transport facilities make reaching this airport easy hence; most people encounter no problem coming to this place.


The airport provides quite many facilities for the convenience of passengers. The airport boasts free Wi-Fi round the clock. It facilitates the passengers with special needs like the disabled, aged, kids, etc. The on-site hotels including Holiday Inn, Radisson Blu Hotel, Premier Inn hotel, Ramada hotel, etc. cater to passengers of every budget and are famous for providing lavish classic English brunch. Escape Lounge at the Stansted airport provides premium quality services where clients can munch on the complimentary items and unwind before boarding a flight.

You must choose any parking option for your car at the airport a few days before your flight. Cheap Parking Deals has got you covered and provides every minute detail regarding the services offered by various companies. You can choose from these services for parking your car at the airport:

Stansted Airport Meet & Greet:

Many companies offer this service. Just drive to the airport terminal and the chauffeur assigned to you, will collect your car keys and park the car at the nearest spot. When you come back, the chauffeur will be waiting for you at the terminal to return the car keys.

Stansted Airport Park & Ride:

To avail this service, just find the company who offers the best deal according to your circumstances. Park your car at a convenient place and then the company will transport you to the terminal. Similarly, when you come back, the company will take you to the place where you parked your car.

Stansted On Airport:

The parking services offered by the airport itself are the best because you get a spot very close to the terminal. In addition, if you pre-book and avail the discounts, the pricing will be approximately equal to that offered by private parking companies.