Parking at Gatwick Airport

Gatwick airport is the eighth busiest airport in Europe, which operates cost-efficient flights from EasyJet and Ryanair and charter flights from British Airways and Thomson Airways. Therefore, you can expect a lot of crowds and rush over there. Finding a parking spot could be havoc over there. Especially if you have a flight to catch. If you are going there for the first time, do not take the risk of going unplanned about your parking. Gatwick airport has two terminals, and parking bay surrounds both the terminals. There are a variety of parking options you can avail, depending upon your budget, convenience, and comfort. You can avail the airport's own parking services or you can hire a third party.

Cheap Parking Deal is here to provide you with a factual comparison of different airport parking services offered by various companies. Whatever you do, make sure to finalize your booking a few days prior to the flight to avoid any inconvenience later. Moreover, advanced bookings also are cost-efficient and economical, especially during the holiday season, you can benefit from a lot of discounts.


Gatwick airport sits on the border between Surrey and East Sussex, located at a distance of about 29.5 miles south from central London and 3.1 miles from north of Crawly centre. Its ideal location makes it easily accessible to a lot of people hence, explained the crowd it hosts. Gatwick Airport can be approached via rail as well as the road so even first-timers do not encounter many problems coming here.


Gatwick airport deals with a lot of foreigners as well as locals daily, hence, it is maintained to cater to everyone's needs. The two terminals of the airport house shopping centres, food shops, rest areas, worship centres, pubs, and VIP lounges. A play area is reserved for kids. Women can also have free complimentary makeup at a shop. There are special facilities available for disabled ones and babies. The airport also encompasses hotels like Bloc hotel, Hampton by Hilton, Yotelair, etc., if you feel like staying near the airport or have another flight to catch in a short span of time.

There are three different kinds of parking options available for you at Gatwick airport. makes sure that you get to know every minor detail regarding different services offered by different companies and a detailed comparison of them. Here are the three parking options available at the airport:

Gatwick Airport Meet & Greet

Most of the people avail of this service for its convenience. First, choose the company whose deals seems apt to you. Then drive to the airport terminal. From there a chauffeur will take your car to park somewhere and when you will return, the chauffeur will be at the terminal with your car keys.

Gatwick Airport Park & Ride

If you are a student or travelling on a budget, you can avail this deal. Park your car somewhere and then the company will take you to the terminal. At your return, the come will pick you from the terminal and drop at the same spot.

Gatwick On Airport

Gatwick airport itself also provides parking deals. And if you pre-book, you can save a lot of money. But the deals get booked very quickly so you need to be quick for booking them.