Why Airport Parking is Expensive?

Why Airport Parking Is Expensive

If you ever parked your car at the airport, you would definitely have thought that “Why Airport Parking is Expensive?”. Securing a safe parking space where your car will rest for days during when you’ll be enjoying your trip seems a dream, and the completion of this dream falls quite heavy on your pocket. So, why is it?

Airport Parking

What Decides the Charges of Parking?

Parking charges are decided on demand base. Pricing variates as per on the basis of comfort, security and distance from the terminal. Peak demand for these three factors increases parking rates.

Airport Parking

What are the Options for Airport Parking?

There are multiple options for airport parking and travelers opt the parking type that best complements their needs and budget. Have a look at each parking type:

Short-Term Parking

Short-Term Parking offer lets you park your car in a parking lot that’s quite closer to the terminal. They are easy and comfortable but expensive to avail. Short-term parking lots suit those who just a drop-off and pick-up the passengers. Parking car for overnight in a short-term parking lot will cost you a substantial amount.

Daily Parking

Daily parking lots are expensive but not much than those of short-term parking lots. These parking lots are located at a shorter distance from the airport terminal. If you are parking your car in a daily-type parking lot, then you sometimes need to catch a shuttle bus to reach the terminal.

Long-Term Parking

These are also sometimes referred to as Satellite Parking Lots. They normally are situated very far from the airport terminals. After parking, you have to take a shuttle bus to the airport. These parking lots do not cost much and are ideal for those who wish to leave their cars for many days in the parking lot.

Valet Parking

Valet parking, also called on-airport parking, is expensive but too luxurious! Parking charges increase with the passage of time. Not all valet-type parking lots avail overnight parking offer.

Off-Airport Parking

These are private parking lots. They offer multiple unique offers and many offer their own shuttle bus. Mostly, they are situated near to the airport terminals.

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Airport Parking

Our Parking Services

We serve our beloved clients with Meet and Greet, On-Airport, and Park and Ride parking types. Let’s have a quick view of these types:

Meet and Greet Parking-Get your car parked in a secure parking lot via an experienced chauffeur.

On-Airport Parking-Avail space for your car in a parking lot that is closest to the airport.

Park and Ride Parking-Park your car in a secure parking lot and get a shuttle bus to reach the airport.

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