Dealing with Lost Luggage

Dealing with Lost Luggage

Flight delays often result in unexpected troubles which seem very difficult to manage, and inabilities in handling these dilemmas can flop your trip fun. One big problem many people face in such scenarios is that they lost their luggage which isn’t only irritating for them but for airport staff too. The staff is not there just to keep an eye on your bags and other stuff so they might not get lost, they have numerous other important jobs. A better choice is that you must follow proper precautionary measures. It will help you in sustaining the beauty of your day and others’ precious time.

Going through these long processes is not that much easy as it seems. However, since we care about you, other than our convenient Airport Parking Services, we have managed here those points which will help you in the best way to deal with the situations regarding lost luggage.

Know Your Things


Keep a record of what you have put in checked bag and save the receipt of anything you bought from some shop there in the airport. It may be in the form of a photo or a check list. In the event you lost your luggage, the record will help you in quick claim. Also keep your important documents in your carry bag. To reduce the risks of losing your bags, try to divide your other members between the bags.

If Luggage Arrives in Nasty Condition



If your struggles bore fruit but you found your missing baggage in nasty condition than report it as soon as possible to the airline help desk to claim for refund. Any damage or missing will be compensated if your claim is justified. Any solid evidence like conversations between you and the airline staff and images can be helpful in this case.

Behave Well


Be patient. It’s alright that the bag containing your clothes, grocery, or other important things are missing but panic isn’t the solution of any problem. The airport staff is well aware of your problem and they are there to help you in solving your problem and to refund your loss.

Be in Time


Must check-in on time. Even being a little late will make the airline staff refuge your right to check the luggage. However, if somehow you face the same situation then never try to compete with them, its of no use. Good step is, always be in time.

If Luggage Does Not Arrive


If you do not receive your luggage even after twenty-one days of missing, it will be declared lost. In this case, claim for refund within the seven days after these twenty-one days wait. The refund amount you can get is confined to 1,131 SDRs. However, if you can qualify the claim that your lost bag contained more worthy stuff then this compensation can reach up to 2,262 SDRs.

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